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Family: Vespertilionidae

Scientific name: Vespertilio sinensis

Common name: Asian parti-colored bat

IUCN status: Least Concern (LC)

MSJ Red list status: R


General morphology: Color variation among individuals is remarkable. Dorsal hairs are reddish-brown or blackish brown with whitish tips; ears are thick; tragus is short; wings are rather narrow (Yoshiyuki, 1989).


Diet: Mainly feeds on Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, and Diptera (Fukui & Agetsuma, 2010).


Habitat: Roosts in tree cavities (Mukohyama, 1996), buildings (Mukohyama, 1987), slits under elevated bridges (Kasahi et al., 2013), caves (Sawada,1994), tunnels and rock crevices (Wallin, 1962).


Echolocation calls: Long duration; QCF call structure; FMaxE=24.2 kHz (Hokkaido) (Fukui et al., 2004), FMaxE=24.5 kHz (Fukuoka Prefecture) (Funakoshi, 2010)



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